10,000 Islands Dolphin Project's
Environmental Studies Program
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Meet the Survey Team

Meet the Survey Team:

Chris Desmond, Kent Morse, James Livaccari, Kristen Froehlich and Michael Tateo. They have worked together for many years. 

Captain Chris and Michael "skipper" our survey boats. Their job is to position the boat so that dolphins can be sighted and photographed for the data collected.

Kent and James look for and take photographs of dolphins sighted. Using our dolphin photo-identification catalogs, they compare the photos to the catalog thus identifying the individual dolphin. They then enter its name and all related data into our on-board data system. 


Kristen helps sight dolphin, enter data and takes video of the surrounding wildlife in the area. She also coordinates and works on the Environmental Studies Program.

And let's not forget Riley, the labra-doodle who loves to watch the dolphins!

The 10,000 Islands Dolphin Project’s survey team is fortunate enough to work in the rich and diverse environment of Southwest Florida. We encounter and observe an amazing variety of wildlife and marine habitat each and every day while surveying the local bottlenose dolphin population. While the core of our work is with coastal bottlenose dolphins, we observe manatee, sea turtles, shore and wading birds, bobcat, deer, raccoon's, stone and blue crabs, osprey and eagles, shell life and coastal habitats effected by high and low tides. Florida Panther will occasionally make an appearance!

Utilizing today’s technologies, we have captured all of this in our Environmental Studies Program that enables an entire classroom to come with us into this extraordinary ecosystem by watching our live broadcast from the boat! 

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