10,000 Islands Dolphin Project's
Environmental Studies Program
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Live Broadcast

Teachers and students will tune in to our live broadcast channel, called The Dolphin Explorers, to learn about the lesson topics from our survey team members, watch real time dolphin sightings and additional wildlife that may show up during the session! The team will be broadcasting from Marco Island on their boat and various beaches or islands in Area 1 of the dolphin survey.

The teacher or students can type/chat any questions they have directly to the survey team using the live channel and wait for a response! 

A general schedule will be provided at the start of the Program. Live broadcasts will mainly be Monday's and Wednesdays but if the session times/days don't fit into the class availability, each broadcast is archived and saved onto the site to watch at any time after it airs. Leaving flexibility when it comes to things like testing or snow days!

A link to The Dolphin Explorers channel will be displayed for teachers after logging into the Program. 

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