10,000 Islands Dolphin Project's
Environmental Studies Program
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Field Trips

Plan a school or class field trip with us.
The trip is specifically designed to build in, in addition to the dolphin survey work, science oriented experiences. Students will learn to test the salinity in the water by using a refractometer and test the turbidity in the water using our secchi disc. Students will be put into teams to observe, photograph, record data and more during the dolphin sightings. Our hydrophone can be used to listen to the dolphins communicate under water!

Call now to join our Survey Crew on our daily three hour expeditions in sighting and studying the dolphins of Southwest Florida. Watch the dolphins as the play and travel with friends. Over 300 are named and cataloged. Learn their names and what they are doing. When you sight a new dolphin, you get to name it! Our on-board digital printer will provide complimentary photos of the trip and your class. There are two survey trips daily at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. Boat holds up to 24 passengers.

To reach Sea Excursions
"The home of the Dolphin Explorer"
To schedule a field trip or if you're a student in the Program
who wants to visit with family/friends
Call 239-642-6899

Located at the Marco River Marina
951 Bald Eagle Dr.
Marco Island, FL 34145
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